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Speleochambers worldwide

Speleochambers worldwide
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The salt room -  turnkey favorable business.

Speleochambers worldwide

• increases immunity,
• prevention of many diseases,
• fine relaxation complex,
• calms,
• removes emotional pressure,
• completely restores forces,
• increases efficiency of work

Professional construction artificial (galokamer) of salt rooms. More than 12 years of experience of works in Ukraine and abroad.

Galokamera is a hypoallergenic environment with the ionized particles of salt of the corresponding concentration and dispersion, stable humidity and temperature.

At construction the galokamer is minimized uses of classical construction materials to exclude from composition of air dust of construction materials, and also chemical toxins which, as a rule, in them are used.

We do not mix salt with glue, liquid glass, etc. chemical substances that provides real quality of air galokamer (the salt room) inside. The relief of a ceiling is created without polyurethane foam, - only natural substances: flax, cement with a mineral filler, salt, and once again salt. Stratification becomes by a natural method without glue use, and on it the top coat layer is only salt (salt layer thickness: 0,8-2,5 cm).

Thus, in the salt rooms created by us all surface of walls, a ceiling, a floor - 100% salt.

Information is up-to-date: 20.02.2018

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