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Salt puzzles

Salt puzzles
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Thanks to Salt Plates you gain unique visual and medical effect, at rather low expenses on materials and installation.
The interior which is laid out by salt plates surrounds us with the extraordinary atmosphere, heat and the ionized air saturated with microelements.
The salt Plates made of natural crystals of rock salt attract with extraordinary beauty, ideal production, fascinate by the color scale and possess medicinal properties.
Salt Plates are mounted to a wall on 4 screws, it is also possible to illuminate them from within. Thanks to this type of installation, it is possible to dismantle them in every moment and to move in other room or the building.

Characteristic of Salt Plates:
  • The size is 50 x 50 cm.
  • The applied colors: orange, white, gray.
  • Possibility of external or internal lighting.
  • Easy way of installation directly to a wall and dismantle.
  • Improvement of a microclimate thanks to allocation of microelements from crystals of salt of Salt Plates.
  • Treatment of diseases of upper respiratory tracts is promoted, by asthmas, allergies, etc.
  • Very high esthetic values.
  • Recreational properties of salt

    Long-term experience of pulmonologists shows what Salt Plates treats many indisposition at the person, giving it comfort mental and physical every day.

    In our productions the incalculable quantity of necessary microelements to human life, such as acts:

    iodine - is responsible for the correct functioning thyroid to iron answering behind a metabolism,

    calcium - strengthens firmness of an organism, softens irritation and also regulates functions of circulatory system,

    magnesium - exerts positive impact on cardiovascular system,

    potassium + sodium - well influences cardiac performance and corrects for the ukrvena of skin,

    iron - - the necessary component of hemoglobin correcting structure of blood

    selenium - well influences processes of aging of skin.

    Crystal rock salt - the natural ionizer which effectively corrects quality of air, making negative ions. The ionized negative air allows to improve a recreational form and supports treatment of many indispositions, such as: bronchial asthma, pulmonary diseases, coronary insufficiency, postinfarction states, a hypertension, a peptic ulcer of a stomach and a gut, gastritis, scaly deprive, dermatitis, an allergy, neurosises of different type.
Information is up-to-date: 13.09.2018

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